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To help people go from where they are right now…
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To bigger dreams, greater goals and deeper spiritual maturity…
To find and live in their God Given Sweet Spot

As an Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitators we are going to show you exactly what to do!

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  • coach looking for a powerful life-purpose discovery program
  • counselor looking for proven coaching tools
  • coach or counselor looking for a foundational tool to build your business
  • retiring pastor wanting to use your skills and supplement your income
  • discipler looking for ways to build spiritual maturity
  • mentor looking for ways to bring clarity, focus and direction
  • pastor looking for ways to answer the “big questions” about life
  • small group leader looking for great, thought-provoking curriculum

If You Are...

Feeling Called to Help Others Discover Their
God Given Sweet Spot?

Fact #1

A whopping 97% of people say “they have no idea” when asked about their true purpose in life.  Among the 97% are a growing number of people who tell us they wake up many mornings filled with…

  • Fear of what lies ahead
  • Frustration with relationships and finances
  • A lack of direction and purpose
  • Monotony…and for some even hopelessness
  • Fatigue that never seems to end
  • Happiness that never seems to last

Fact #2

Over the years, we’ve learned that most people really do want more – they just don’t know how to find it.  Many believe God has a plan for their lives…they simply have no clue how to go about discovering it.

Fact #3

Even though most people want more out of life, they take little initiative on their own to make it happen.  Taking time to look for life’s deeper meaning rarely makes it to the top of their priority list.

Here’s what the facts mean:


The majority of people, whether walking with Christ or not, are feeling empty and confused about why they are here or what God has planned for them.


People need more than desire and belief - they need a proven program that leads them step-by-step through the process of purpose discovery.


Having someone trained to facilitate and guide them in the discovery of their God Given Sweet Spot exponentially increases people's rate of success!

We will show you exactly how to do this AND Get the best results possible!

When you accept the invitation to join us  - you immediately gain
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As a trained Identity and Destiny
Licensed Facilitator
, we provide you with

  • “real world” - tested programs
  • proven tools and resources
  • powerful online guidance
  • detailed video training
  • community connection
  • live coaching support

We became fans when we saw the results!

We not only created this coaching program - we use it!
Client after client we have seen the life-altering results.
That's when we knew Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to Purpose was something worth sharing!

God has been in the midst of it from the beginning.

By testing and proving the process
By coaching hundreds and hundreds of clients
By training others and seeing them be just as effective
By seeing God bring 100+ facilitators from ALL over the world

We knew this was different!

4 Keys that Make the Difference

arrow-white-right #1  Unlimited Use

Immediate AND on-going access to our private members only website – with ALL the resources you need - whenever you need them. No time limit. No restrictions!

#2 IMMEDIATE Accessarrow-white-right

No dripping the content out over time – it is all there as soon as you sign up. Finally, training that allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule!

arrow-white-right#3 Experiential Learning

Not just head knowledge – this training is designed to show you how to “experience” the process by actually coaching clients through the program as you are being trained.

#4 Community Supportarrow-white-right

Share. Learn. Network. Connect! Join the members only Facebook group - community connection – 24/7!


is the most extensive life-purpose training program on the market!

This training program teaches you how to powerfully deliver a program that is:

  • God Centered
  • Undergirded by Scripture
  • Holy Spirit Inspired
  • Tested and Proven
  • Changing Lives
  • Impacting the Kingdom - worldwide!

I have both experienced and facilitated the Identity and Destiny – 7 Step process and I stand in awe.   What I can tell you is this: when you know your God-given purpose – you have a new plumb-line for decisions. You have a power that very few people have. You have the power to say “NO” because your “YES” is so big! It has happened in my life…and I see it happen over and over again in the lives of others. Awesome!!!

Robert Leatherwood
Robert Leatherwood Florida Licensed Facilitator

I met with my client and he had a major breakthrough! He was going thru some issues with his wife and had finally decided to leave. Then he picked up the workbook and started the section on the Battle for the Soul.  The Holy Spirit spoke to him like never before. With his new understanding, he found strength to make peace in his home. He asked me to express his thanks.  Good things are happening - lives are being changed  - families are being saved  through Identity and Destiny!

Andrew Freed
Andrew Freed Alaska Licensed Facilitator

BUT WAIT! This is way more than your typical online training course!

Here’s What You Get

As a Licensed Facilitator you’ll get UNLIMITED AND IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all of this and more:

  • On Demand, Web-Based Training Courses – Train on YOUR TIME…at YOUR Own Pace via the 10 module self-study course
  • Membership to the Identity and Destiny Online Web Community – Interact, Network, Learn, and Develop Your Business
  • 24/7 Access to coaching resources, video training sessions, materials, and tools – Anytime, Anywhere, for As Long as You Want It
  • Community Connection Private Facebook Group – Join facilitators, new and experienced, in an intimate, informal Facebook group. Share, connect, and pray with each other from around the world in an easy and familiar environment
  • Now you can become a life-long member of the Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitator community and that gives you
  • Everything you need to become a Licensed Facilitator capable of changing lives through the power of purpose!
  • Immediate access and video instruction will help you every step of the way
  • PLUS - You become part of a global community that is transforming lives!

But that’s not all!

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This is a powerful online course!

As soon as you complete payment, you can create your account and log right in to access all of the training content and resources immediately!

But that’s not all!

Along with the online course, you become a life-long member of the Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitator community with access to all the privileges and benefits that go along with your license!

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

If you are not 100% delighted, just give us a quick call, ask for a refund and you’ll get your money back.

Everything we teach has been tested and proven in our own coaching business and by countless others around the world.

We know that having a powerful program – proven to deliver life-altering impact – to greater and greater numbers of people - is the key to success! Otherwise, you are aimlessly doing what we call “ death by open-ended coaching”. You may eventually get to answers and results – but it is hit or miss at best!

Identity and Destiny not only creates a foundation for successful life-purpose coaching but provides a model of building a successful business or ministry. The key is to take the first step – join us now – and immediately get what you need to

  • eliminate the experimentation
  • stop trying to figure this out and do it on your own
  • gain the support and encouragement you need
  • access a program that will set you apart with excellence!

P.S.  Just in case you were wondering...

Here’s who is joining!

Coaching this program is powerful! When leading a class of 70 through Identity and Destiny at my church, I repeatedly heard: “Thanks Scott. Material is awesome. So much revelation and wisdom jumping off the page! I can hardly put the book down. I finish a section and find myself wanting to re-read it over and over again. I cannot wait to see all the God has in store!

Scott Smiley
Scott Smiley Florida Licensed Facilitator

I am often reminded that my work as a facilitator allows me to live out my own identity. In so many ways, I continue to come back to my identity and destiny statements as I make choices in life. Thankful to have done the work, to be able to lead others on the journey, and to see the clarity that comes when we know who we are in God and walk in the authority we have as believers.

Karen Lusby
Karen Lusby Colorado Licensed Facilitator

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Summing It Up:  Here’s Everything You Get

  • Exclusive Membership in the Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitator community
  • Unlimited Access to the member’s Private Web Site with everything you need:
  • 10 Video Lessons - step by step training to successfully facilitate the program
  • Over 85 pdf Documents - detailed resources to support client coaching
  • 2 Free Workbooks - delivered to your door step
  • Bonus Training Module - engage prospects easily and quickly
  • New Client Startup Tools - agreements, forms and tracking matrix
  • Sales and Marketing Resources - share the benefits and engage new clients
  • Discount on Workbooks - save money with every purchase
  • $100 Refer a Friend - get paid for referring new facilitators
  • LF Private Facebook Group - network with the worldwide community
  • Online Disc Profiles - in-depth personality and behavioral tools
  • Workbook Resources - web based access to resources cited in the workbook
  • Full Credentialing - free listing on the “Find a Coach” page of our site

Get it ALL now for just


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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

If you are not 100% delighted, just give us a quick call, ask for a refund and you’ll get your money back.

My job as a coach ? To help my clients find the “music of destiny" that was written,  designed and prepared for them before the foundation of the world....allowing God to play His song through His beloved sons and daughters...

Chris Martin
Chris Martin California Licensed Facilitator

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